Claim by Granddaughter on Grandfather Property when grandfather is alive

Facts 1. Grandfather is alive 2. he owns this property partially through inheritance from his father on his demise alongwith his 2 other brothers. Meaning approx 1/3rd share in this property for 3 brothers. 3. the 3 brothers bought out the remaining 2/3 from others from their own sources after their fathers demise and also spent huge money on it 20yrs back in reconstructing the entire property as per modern requirements (such long construction bills arent available as never envisaged that they wud be required) 4. One of the sons of the 3 brother has a marital dispute with his wife and above other cases she is claiming stake of their daughter in this house. 5. Its NOT anywhere a HUF set up 6. Father of the granddaughter who is claiming the share through her mother as complainant is alive (meaning the son of the 3 brothers who has a dispute in matrimony) 7. The 3 brothers before the marital dispute occured have already finalised the selling of this house (not on paper still) and taken advance 8. The disputed wife has appealed in sessions court for stay on this property as lower court quashed this request 9. Question- is the claim valid and can a stay be taken??