Crime in kamathipura,redlight area against customers

6 of friends went to kamathipura, redlight area yesterday at around 8 pm in the evening.There one person slapped two of my friends for arguing.He was accompanied by 6 other people.So we could not defend ourselves.Then he demanded 10000rupees total from 6 of us.These people were angry and aggressive.We all were packed in a small room and the door was shut. Means they restrained from leaving. We were afraid of further physical and verbal attack from their side.We didnt want to receive their service after their poor conduct and leage immediately.But we couldn't help ourselves.So one of our friends payed all the money demanded I.e. 10000₹ for 6 of us .Then they showed us 4 sex workers. We didnt like them and said no.But they forcefully sent us with the girls in their respective cabins.The girls requested each of us to take their service.But none of my friends including me took their service. We were in our cabins for 5 minutes just sitting and none of my friends removed their clothes. Where can we report the incidence and who can help us?