Husband and his family members harassment

I’m a Govt. employee, it has been 8 years I married, now I have 2 children, first child (son) is 5+ years old and another (daughter) is 1.5 years old. My mother in law and husband harass me every day for every single thing in the house, thereby making my life miserable. Actually my mother in law has major influence on my husband n he agrees to whatever wrong she says. He has taken my ATM card and he gives money for my needs after I beg so much with him. He made me to travel daily 70KM (one way) from office-home-office. I can travel, that is still fine until I don’t have any wrong wordings from my husband and MIL. Now I’m in my parents home as I could not take so much torcher from them. He always busy in chatting with so many girls, if I ask him to leave chatting he scold me very rude and recently he has beaten me by leather belt because of that I was questioning. Please please let me know how to live my life in this situation. I don’t want to leave my 2 kids and my job as well, but I’m ready to leave him.