Maintenance issue

Dear Sir/Madam, I purchased an apartment with 6 units. The maintenance of the apartment is volunteered by one of the 6 owners. When I got possession of the apartment, the person incharge of maintenance suddenly said I need to pay him more from 2023 as he had discussed with previous owner to paint and do additional maintenance work.i told him the previous owner never informed me so he needs to brief me and I'm not in position to pay heavy amount now as I just brought the house. But, he was extremely rude and tough. He never spoke to me face to face,all this happened through watsup messages. He refused to give me monthly maintenance breakup. I told him I won't pay him maintenance till he gives me Break up of what I'm paying for. I offered to pay random figure so the payment of people like watchman, cleaner aare not hit bcoz of my non payment. I offered to pay through Google pay but he never replied. He is now sent me a paper through watchman asking to pay 12k change in cash and late fees as I dint pay him for 2 months. Is it legal to do claim maintenance like this? He is entitled to give me a break up so can i deny to pay till he gives me the break up. I don't want to have cash transactions as I want to keep records. How to manage this person legally. Other note, all others are unhappy about his behaviour. As they are old they are just adjusting as they have no energy to fight. They have told me they will have a owners meeting soon to discuss this issue.