What charges to put in this situation

I met a boy online got into relationship it was long distance he is from madhya pradesh I am from Maharashtra he promised me to marry he is Brahmin nd am sc he khows that beyond this he promised after some months we decided to meet in madhya pradesh he never come to Maharashtra we decided to get into live in he took money from me for expenses nd said he will return bt after days he started to fight nd hit me he black mail me to fight back he built physical relationship by saying he will viral my video if I don't listen to him I was so depressed nd listen to him he then sent me back home by telling lies nd said he will come to Maharashtra nd marry me as soon as I get home he built fake situation nd break up with me nd blame it all on me I was do terrified I agree to all his lies to save relationship he record all that after I go to mp to confront him he again promise to marry nd sent me back home now he's telling lies nd denies to marry nd threates me that it was all my fault he have those recoding nd my video I am stuck he hit me abused me publicly what charges I should put nd he lies alot torcher me mentally he had made me sucidal by blaming me how to deal with this legally he had taken money from me by lies nd now not return saying its my fault I gave him can I put charges on him as he have those recording where I agreed to fight bt he make me say this by blackmailing he said I have to go to mp every time if I complaint this nd he will all blame it on me i live in Maharashtra I can't go mp nd I am stuck he abuses me alot manipulate me