Rejection for employemet

Dear Sir, From April 2015 my boss is telling me that they have started new firm to get financial support to carryout their business and told to to shift house to new office area in malleshwaram and i informed my house owner regarding house vacating. But in June My boss told not in malleshwaram in Basavanagudi and so no need of shifting house as we have to continue our old firm till we clear out debits. I informed my house owner same. 2 times boss did same and in the month of August boss told they have made new office in R T nagar and arranged house near to office only you have to shift there before October 1st. This is final and I updated same to my house owner. But when I was ready to shift on 1st boss is telling u come there after 26th of October as we r having pooja of office after completing that pooja u shift. I requested 10 days extension with my house owner. But now my boss is telling they do not need me in their new firm and they have employee to do all work done by me earlier. (As new partner of new firm is having his own Pvt Ltd and from there he will do works which I was doing earlier) And When he told me to shift house first time itself I told my boss I can not come there So I will resign But They did not accepted this and as they had my pending payments nearly 70 thousand. I stopped. Now house owner told 27th is the last date to vacate house and boss told no job for u in his firm. And i do not have cash to search new house for rental deposit. (Have to pay more than 70 thousand as deposit)