Family issues

My issue is I have both parents and 3 siblings, 1 brother and 2 sisters, I was very favorite of my parents till my sisters came in to live with my parents because of their personal reasons. Now we have a family business of hair and skin products, which my sister along with brother in law put some money into it and started modifying and selling in india and abroad, which i contributed forcefully as they wanted me out and presently my father is doing alone and sister has launched a new shampoo of her own without informing me with fathers manufacturing license. my parents support her and its killing me and also the 2 sisters make me invalid and support my elder brother and his wife in everything. now when i object my father threatens to kick me out of the house. i want to move out to other property of father and using some part of existing house they are not co operating i.e. my parents, I am using ground floor for clinic and 2 nd floor apartment , as we all have individual apartments. me and my brother is getting some rent from another building , 60:40 basis even though I have contributed a lot to that building and i am given ground floor and low rise cellar and my brother got 3 floors 2+1/2 built and 15 k more rent as cellar is not going on rent. My father not letting me business of hair and skin and constantly taunts and embarrass me and i live in guilt and constant fear and inferiority. pls guide as i am suicidal nowadays..