Kindly give a solution of the below written incident

I am a 26 year old woman. I & my whole family (father, mother& brother) committed suicide at 29th may 2015.My brother and I was saved but my father and mother are not. I want to describe the reason why we have taken such step. In 21th Feb. 2012, I joined in job in the nearby block (SSA). My father was a farmer. So, my colleagues showed contemptuous attitude towards me. Behavior of one senior colleague (pranab kalita) was suspicious. He scolded me in small things and complains against me to boss (BEE0, Bijit Das).My duty was to monitoring accounts by visiting schools. One day they brought me to a place where network of mobile is not found .Fortunately, I got network and called to home. Then they told that we came in wrong way and returned. Lots of incidences took place with me, so, I decided to leave that job. Therefore, I had submitted resignation latter to ADC (Pranab Baruah) and told about all the incidences took place with me.ADC scolded boss on phone. In office, boss said, “you don’t know who I am and how many people are under me. I can finish you”. My resignation was accepted. Finally I left that job. Boss is a very powerful person since his father was chief advisor of a religious organization. After leaving that job, when I went to the market some unknown persons often follow me but did not give any comments and shows no reactions. I had not taken that seriously and ignored. In April 2014, a non teaching stuff (Jimoni’s maternal uncle) of nearby school came to my house for inviting us to Jimoni’s marriage. He threatened us that it is easy to kill someone and all the incidences can be show as dacoit. We told our maternal uncle’s about all the incidences. They replied that nothing to worry; it is not easy to kill someone. In May 2015, I was sitting in a bus (winger) to university. Then one person (Pranjal,a driver)of my village was coming and said “don’t go today, road is close”. So, I returned on that day. Next day, I got into the bus from same stand and sit behind the driver. After covering some distance the driver replied on phone, “Yes, in my vehicle, where are you? Here it is not possible, I shall drive slowly, meet you in pragoti site. Ok I will receive them from bypass and janji. Where is the packet?”In bypass a couple and in janji two men got into the vehicle. The driver did not stop the vehicle to take passenger even most of the sits were remains empty. In pragoti the bypass couple got down from the car and went to a nearby pan shop, asked about the packet’ the shopkeeper said, “I was not in the shop at that time, my mother was afraid to take that packet.” Then the driver got down and shouted on the shopkeeper. Then the couple left that place by taking an auto (tempo). Driver started the vehicle and ride with a slow motion. After some time a biker (old rx 100) was blowing horn from behind. The driver signaled him by hand and the biker entered in a petrol pump. Our vehicle is stopped, the biker got into and turned towards me. I thought it is not safe to go further. So I got down there. The driver was shocked and asked me,” do you not go further”. I pay the fare and took a return vehicle (winger). I took the front sit. After sometime the driver’s phone was ringing. He received and said on phone, “clever (chiyani)…earlier working”. After sometime he stopped the vehicle & said, “I shall not go further”. All the four passengers of this vehicle got into the next. I saw the two janji’s passenger of the first vehicle there. After sometime, I saw two people on a bike (bullet), were riding in front of our vehicle and the person who was sitting behind notice us. One of the janji passengers was calling and the biker received. He said, “We will see at the stand”. One passenger stopped the vehicle to get down and I got an opportunity to escape. I got down with him and came to home by taking an auto. At home, I told the whole incidence to my family. We did not understand what to do. My maternal grandfather (relative) is a layer. So, my brother went to maternal uncle’s home to take suggestions from grandfather. He advised me to stay at home for a few days and told it is not possible to take action against someone without evidence. On 21st may 2015, Thursday, I went to temple. When I was wearing footwear outside the temple, one person called, “she is out”. Then I entered into a goldsmith’s shop to buy a silver ball. A fruit seller noticed me and talking on phone—“van..Now, it is not possible”. I crossed the road and standing in front of a pharmacy near traffic point. I called my brother to come. He told me to go to a known shop. Two persons came from a car (maruti-800 no-AS03D6526) and standing with me. Four bikes stopped on the opposite side of the road. I noted the car no and they leave with the car. I started to go to a known shop through footpath. Bikers followed me (no-AS03B7460 LML VESPA ). Then brother arrived in scooter and we came to home. The bikers run from this place We did not understand what to do since the last incident took place in the central place of the town. My mother called maternal uncle (mama,Bipul) to help us. My aunt (mami, Rupa) said us to come to their home. We said we can’t go in such situation. She said, “Don’t worry; my brother’s people will protect you”. She said he has linked with ULFA(terrorist group). We asked her, “How do they recognize us? “She answered that he knew us. But we never meet him before. Next day, my two maternal uncles (Bipul & Ganesh) came in car to my home to bring me to their home. My brother and I went with them. on the way they told us to call mother to say that we have arrived. But we refused and say when we reach, then inform her. When we reached uncle’s home, after an hour my brother returned to home. Aunt brought my bag to their room. In evening aunt introduce me with different persons at their shop. She introduced me with one person and sends back to the room and repeated with another. I opposed this then she scold me and said we give your certificate, not you. After sometime we went to aunt’s (mother’s sister Rinju saikia) home. She welcomed me and said, “how you feel now, you said me wicked”. I shocked and told that I never said that. She also said “am I soap? You save my name as Rin”. I shocked again because that’s true. But it was saved in the sim which is used in donkel for internet. No one can see this without hacking. She brought me near the pond and threatened me that this pond is so deep where 10 women like you can easily sink. My uncle’s son (bablu) laughing and said, what will happened with you on the day of bhauna(mythological drama). I wept and supplicate my aunt. She laughed and said if someone does not take revenge on human then on whom someone can take. She asked,” how are your brother, is he ok? Accident takes place frequently with fatty people”. I was afraid. I had not get chance to call home. We returned towards uncle’s house. On the way, one van (back side close) started on the road. Uncle notice us from his shop. I was walking through the opposite side of the road. Aunt tried to pull me towards the car by picking my hand but she cannot. We had arrived uncle’s shop. Aunt again introduces me to other persons. They are contractors, mechanics, and drivers. One of them said I will eat the thing first, since, I am unmarried. I went into the room and cried. I called to home but uncle take the phone from me and talking with my parents. At the time of meal at night they were talking about our property. Uncle said that Ranjit (my father’s relative) will also get share from your property. I noticed the huge network of them. Ranjit is also classmate of my ex- boss. Then I went to sleep. I forgot to bring the water bottle. So, I went to the kitchen to bring water. Then, I heard that uncle and aunt talking about me. Uncle said,”number plate of the car has changed and the house will be empty tomorrow”. I was afraid and give massage to my brother. He came with my father by scooter to here. The time was about 11pm and the distance is about 60km. At 12am they arrived and called me. I opened the door and escaped from there with them in scooter. We switched off the mobiles. We had taken different route to home. But at night we actually take a wrong way. After some time rain started with storm. We were riding through heavy rain. We took shelter in a temple. In morning we told the villagers that our relatives and family want to kill us. They told us to leave the village. We left that village and went to district police station. At the police station, we told our condition but they refuse to take the case. We arrived home at morning. A few villagers gathered in front of our house. We knew from them that mother went to maternal uncles house by hiring a car. Ranjit(father’s relative) told that police were coming to arrest us. Maternal uncle registered a case in police against father and brother of kidnapping me. My brother and I injected poison in hand. Father was crying and called an ambulance. He brought us to hospital (JMCH). We were admitted in male & female ward separately. After sometime, mother came to the hospital. We had injected little amount of poison, so it did not affect us. After sometimes four patients were admitted in my ward with four attendants. One attendant was talking to a nurse and she gave me an injection. After that I became senseless. After two hour I felt ok. Brother said some people were talking in the corridor—“sink in water by raping with a blanket at night”. We run away secretly from the hospital but mother cannot. In next day morning she came. She told that the hospital authority did not allow her to come. She drunk poison (harpic) and vomit blood. Uncle (father’s brother) called ambulance but she refused to go. Some villagers gathered on the road and noticed the situation. Father went to every house of the village to invite them to our home to discuss about our conditions but nobody came. Our mental strength destroyed completely. Next day morning we committed suicide. We cut out neck by knife and parents ignited themselves. Uncle shouted and a huge crowed is gathered at our home. News channels were standing with their camera. Peoples were making video on mobile. Some were talking that we were doing a drama. After one hour a police man brought us to hospital. In hospital a ward boy kicked me and I fall on the floor. Then I went to the O. T. on foot. Doctors gave us treatment and sent to ICU. Some unknown people visited me in icu but nobody from relatives. Nurse told me that lots of rumors were spread on news about us. Some news said that there was relation between me and brother and I am three month pregnant. In another said, we torched our parents. After two days, my father died. Nobody claimed the body till evening, so, police brought it to our house. Then some relatives gave him funeral. After 19 days we (brother & I) were cured. But the villagers did not allow us to enter the village. So a team of social workers is sent to our village from hospital. Next day my uncle and a relative woman come to hospital and release us. But my mother’s condition was very worse. She was covered with ant and insects. From next day, my brother stayed there to take care of her. But doctors cannot save her life. Our case is not investigated. Police sent our case to psychiatry doctors and stopped investigation. Our enemy uses their power to settle the case. Now everybody has known us as psycho. In home, documents related to property are not found and jewelries are missing. Society and friends avoid us. If someone invites us to their home then society punish them. Enemies are enjoying these situations.All the rumors give a raper to the whole incidence. God knows what happened with us. News report Jorhat: A brother-sister duo allegedly torched their house with their parents inside in Assam's Jorhat city on Friday and then attempted suicide by slitting their throats with a blade, a police official said. Both the parents have suffered 90 percent burns and the seriously injured siblings were admitted to the ICU in Jorhat Medical College Hospital. Investigations revealed that in the wee hours today the duo - Pinku and Sumi - set their house on fire at Dekorgorah Kamargoan when their parents Deben Dutta and NikuDutta were asleep inside, Jorhat district Superintendent of Police Amanjit Kaur said. The siblings then tried to cut their throat with a blade in an attempt to commit suicide, Kaur said. According to the the Hospital's PRO Dr Nitulpal Bhattacharyya, all the four were in a critical state and might be sent to Assam Medical College, Dibrugarh, for further treatment. Pinku, 30, is a masters degree holder and was working in Bangalore in a private firm until recently, while Sumi, 25, also a postgraduate is a Teachers Eligibility Test (TET) qualified teacher, she said. Police investigations with locals and relatives revealed that since the last few days, there were frequent family tiffs between the parents and their children over some issues between the brother and sister.