How to get money out of friend?

Hi, I'd three friends. In Nov'2014 they all got in trouble. One of them illegally swiped my credit card amounting 2lac. I didn't do anything because his father was hospitalized and unfortunately died after few weeks. So, i kept silence and waited for him to return. Till now he hasn't returned my amount. Another friend came crying to me for some money need. I first gave him 20k. It didn't help. Just then my third friend came and asked to take loan and they'll keep paying instalments. I took loan of 6lac for them trusting them that they will pay it. First instalment starting from Jan'2015. As i get the money i immediately transferred it to their bank account. This transaction still in record. Now , none of them are giving my money back. They are not even paying installments. Please tell me if court can do anything in this regard? As a proof i've bank statement of loan, statement of transaction of money transfer to their bank account. I"ve a debt of 10lac and none of them is picking even my calls. regards kapoor