Applied for restitution of conjugal rights

Hi sir/Madam I KRISHNA got married to girl whom I loved nearly 4yrs . I used to stay in London she lived in Hyderabad we used to talk in phone chat later 2012 I came to India by force of her as her parents willing to get marry her with someone so she used to call me msge me daily so I decided to come India and marry her so that I can take her London with me I came to India and we got married on 2nd day after coming from london in a temple without proper guidance as i dont know about the proceedings there was no time to think as she forced and cried beacs of her mom behaviour and unfortunately my father died within 16 days of my visit we decided to stay back in India to take care of my mom later we moved to apartment loved together she often goes to her house as their parents don't know about our marriage later she told her mom but she refused they quarrled may times we lived happily until 2014 July later their parents convinced her to leave my company and marry someone else by telling false allegations on me by thier uncle and also their parents threatened to die if she won't leave me altlast I tried so many ways to convice their parents even her but she says she can't leave her parents until thy obey our marriage after waiting nearly 6 months I appraoched lawyer and filed a pettition on her for restitution of conjugal rights as I got marriage card photos of us as proof for our maarige finally after serving notices thrice to her no response from them what will be the course of action to bring her back to our married life as I got mentally disturbed a lot from 1yr thinking about her left the job sitting idle in home their parents are still trying to marry with someone she is denying to join my company because of non truthness told by their parents that I will not see her happily and put pics of us in Facebook these small things made her angry on me