May i file charges against a guy who deceived me.?

My boyfriend and I were in a serious commitment and relationship for 3yrs and 6 months.. We had ups and downs but never gave up. We were so loyal nd loving and took our relationship seriously to get married . We had some issues which can be solved if worked ..i never gave up on him..but he left and abandoned me completely within a day.. All these 3and half years even though he is soft, calm, loving, loyal, he many times infact daily forces me to have physical intimacy. He forced me soo many hundreds of times even in public, private through phone..From the very first day, i said no to physical relationship..but he forced me nd begged me and promised me that he will marry me.. It happened for all through the first year.. I was never okay ..somehow he convinced me.. One side he is very good guy..but another side he is one point i started forgiving him and made him a better man and he changed and he truly was sorry and changed. He behaved well and were soo in love and everything was perfect between us. We lived like a family we spent together like family. We wanted to build a career and grow together and marry..he always promised to marry me whenever he forced at first. But later .like for one month we had some issues normally which are very common in every relationship which can be solved .But suddenly he didn't even give me time to work on myself to solve the issue..he abandoned me completely and left.. for the past four months i faced alot of mental illness. I now have clinical depression, anxiety, get panic attacks, suffer from insomnia, lack of interest, lack of apetite, i lost 8kgs of weight, went to therapies and counselling. I begged him daily ..i tried to contact him meet him..its been 135 days..not even a single day iam normal. I feel physical chest pain severly and facing many health issues too.I begged him daily cried contacted daily.. I have been facing hell strongly and fighting alone for these many days..not even a single friend family is supporting me..and every friends think its his choice or decision to leave me. But nobody understands or values my pain..nobody is understand that this is his fault to leave for a simple issue. How can he think and decide selfly without solving or considering me in a serious committed relationship.. We were happy together until the very last day even though we had issues.. We were soo much in love ...our love was greater than arguements..but suddenly the next day he abandoned me stating he cant continue.. My life is stuck. And shattered..i cant continue my life without him. My dream my entired life is completely broken.i still love him nd beg him for another chance to work on our relationship. Whenever he forced me in public to have physical intimacy., i was like a doll and dumb and forgave him so many times and he really changed .. But how can he just leave me when we lived like a family. How can he not knw the value of commitment and what he has done was a big fault. Im suffering severely.