Uncle got cheated, lost 1 crore, need advice

Hi, We are a middle class family living in coastal belt of Karnataka. My uncle (dad's younger brother) is a manager at a regional rural bank. He is crazy about money and getting rich instantly. He fell into some scam (something called rice pulling which nobody knows of) and he has so far invested over one crore, gave it some stranger with a dream of making 100 crores (yes, he is a bank manager and he did this). My dad and all my family never knew this, recently it came into light that he has taken money from all our well-wishers, family friends, and some private finance, and to our bad luck, he also illegally took some gold deposited in his bank and made some money out of it. Recently he realized that he got cheated, came to dad and asked for money. My dad owns a convention hall in my village and he has some fair savings, so with brother emotions, he lent over 20 lacs (over a period of 2 years) without having any idea of what his brother is doing. Now, everything got revealed, uncle's cheating published in newspaper, all started asking money. Uncle comes to dad every time, dad retired recently, he is pouring all of his savings on him. Dad is really upset. There is no way that he can pay 1 crore. And uncle started receiving threat calls. My dad is uneducated (literate) and he has no idea what can be done. So dad's nephew came and forced uncle to tell elaborately what happened, to whom he has given that amount of money. My uncle is not telling anything, he even refusing to give a police complaint. I heard that there is some way where we can surrender ourselves to court proving bankruptcy. Is it true? What if he continues to receive threat calls and he or my dad fall in danger? Dad really cannot pay that amount neither my uncle. What are the ways left? Can anyone please help?