Rights of daughter as per HSA1956 after dismissal of suit for default

I have filed a suit for partition in the joint Hindu family property which is ancestral under HSA1956 amendment act 2005 being a daughter in 2006.vide W.P.no.36/2006 in ADJ court Hosur .The case was dismissed for default showing case uncontested dismissed on 8/2/2018.A pitition was filed within one month for restoration but till date not restored.meanwhile i have sold my 1/10th of share alongwith other family members,1/2 part of schedule property who are respondents in the above suit in the year 2019 i.e. after one year of suit dismissed.Now four family members are again refused to give share in the remaining 1/2 of the property.and they have executed sale agreement for 1/4th share instead of 1/10th share.But i have sold my 1/10 th share alongwith two other family members totally 3/10 shares.Now four family members in whose names are in revenue records are opposing my sales as illegal as the court has dismissed the case.Now my question is whether am I not having any rights in the property and subsequent sales are valid or not.please guide me in this regard