My Husband has filed a case against me

I had been living with my husband in Beijing since after 3 months of my marriage. During this 3 months my in laws tortured me mentally also to the extent of denying food bringing forward all their unsaid demands. To this i only tolerated as my father was undergoing open heart operation. I also believed that things would be fine with time. We left for Beijing in some time and there as time rolled my husband and i started having fights over trivial issues due to a daily instigating conversation of my husband with my in laws. To which my husband would also beat me. After a few such events i used to scream and also used abuses against my in-laws to my husband. My husband recorded all these and has been doing it for some time without my notice. Also he always avoided me and wanted to be around with other ladies. Though we had made trips together to a lot places there but he would also always remind me of the money he spent on me. However, a month back he forcefully brought me to India invited my parents and on account of rectifying me sent me back to my parent's place and now based on the recordings that he had made he has filed a case. I don't want this divorce, though my trust has been broken and i have been tortured and have reacted to the situation as well. I do not have any evidence i didn't collect because i never thought it would land up to divorce. Please help