Resigned from job but after 1 month company treating as absconded

I joined a company. During joining they kept my original degree certificate as notice period of 2 months was mandatory which was not negotiable. After 2.5 months I got a better offer from another employer but the condition was to join immediately. But my 1st employer's notice period was not negotiable. So I dropped 1 resignation via e-mail with reason of serious family issue. HR talked me on phone it is not possible but I convinced her and she told me to have a word with senior manager. Instead of I my reporting manager spoke with senior manager. after that my reporting manager told me he agreed then I completely handover all work. As my reporting manager told me handover all n go office tomorrow and collect degree certificate. After that day I called HR but HR was like your resignation is not accepted and how can you go n all that.. So I decide to go directly and join second employer as I was not showing that 2.5 months of experience so I was not requiring any experience or relieving letter. Now I joined the 2nd employer and dropped a mail for my degree certificate after that they dropped me a mail saying I am showing absentting and it is affecting on project release. Explain or company will take legal action. So in this situation am I a safe person? or simply what should I do now?