Is marriage voidable or should go for divorce?

Hi, I was married in Feb '15. The post marriage ritual were for 5 days and not completed. During the post marriage rituals she didn't come from her parental home asking me to leave her place alone.I never forced her at that time. Later I tried to contact her/her parents they just never responded with any reason. Around 6 months later she wanted to live with me again. I am little bit skeptical about the situation. I changed my mind in the mean time and unable to accept her as she left her parental home in-between and went on a vacation alone. Now, She started defaming me that i am not taking her back and accusing me of already been married to someone else. Long story short for my surprise she also believes in black magic. Now its Oct and I am still living alone. Marriage is not consummated and not even registered as the post marriage ritual were not completed. Any thoughts on how to handle this situation? Is the marriage completed? If yes, Can i apply for annulment? What are my options now? I really appreciate your suggestions.