Consumer complaint against BMW for bad after sales

Hi, I have recently purchased a new BMW GT in August 2015. I am facing lots of issues with BMW since the purchase of the car: 1. The car is in the service center for past 6 days because of flat tyre and they have still not returned it back saying some internal approval reasons. 2. They have told us of exchange bonus of 50,000 Rs if we sell and transfer our car. They told that they will get the valuation done from their internal agent. For which they collected the car document. They didn't gave a good price so I decided to get valuation from outside which they told was ok to them. They just need the transferred RC copy. Now they are stating different reason for not accepting the transferred RC and not providing the exchange bonus. 3. The car is troubling from the very beginning as the wheel alignment was not right and we made a complaint for the same in the first week itself but when I took the car to the service center they didn't took any action. Its just a month and I am facing so many issues with my Car. I would like to register a complaint in consumer court and claim for all the inconvenience that they are causing to us. I have paid 40 Lakh rupees for a car and now for after sale service they have zero consideration for customers and are acting in such an autocratic manner. I would like to know how much time it will take to get the case resolved in the consumer court, how much it would cost me, do I need to be present in the court every time for the hearing and what are the chances of getting the ruling in our favor.