There’s no legal way to go out of home

I belong to a farmer family. We live in the centre of our farms and there’s no road crossing or within 1 KM from our farms. We used to go out through a way provided by our neighbours but they sold the land and now we don’t have any legal way to go to the nearest road. We are a family of 40 members and my uncle has acute spinal injury which requires routine medical supervision. In fact many of us go out every day for our jobs. We earlier attempted to open this way legally but we’re disappointed by the lower court ( SDM court) where heavy bribe was demanded. There’s a 11KV electricity line passing through our farms and road is proposed under this line in the master plan of 2025 by local development authorities ( which will be delayed for sure by at least 5 years as there’s no implementation of other important roads as well). We are using a temporary way (4 ft wide, only two wheelers can go) for time being. Please advise me how can we get the way to nearest road legally as the people whose land fall between us and road are not willing to give it. Thank you 😊