13B Mutual consent

Hello, I am currently going through a divorce and my wife and in laws are planning to file a case under section 12(1)(c) OF HINDU MARRIAGE ACT, 1955. FOR DECREE OF NULLITY. They are not ready to wait for one year of separation period for applying mutual consent. Instead they are pressurizing me to sign the 12(1)(C) petition saying it is a faster way of getting a Mutual consent.In the Petition they have put allegations like the following 1. The Petitioner submits that the malafide intention of the Respondent and his parents clearly shows in getting the marriage of the Respondent with the Petitioner. 2.The Petitioner was necked out of the matrimonial home on [deleted], since then the Petitioner is residing with her parents. 3.The Petitioner submits that the Respondent has got married the Petitioner with a malafide intention and made her life miserable ALL OF THE ABOVE ARE ABSOLUTELY FALSE I WANT A MUTUAL CONSENT DIVORCE WITHOUT any allegations on me My questions are : 1. If i sign 12(1)(C) petition will it be converted to Mutual consent divorce (or) 2. Shall we wait for 1 year separation period and then apply for Mutual consent divorce Appreciate your help on this. Many Thanks