My owner is denying to send the advance amount which I gave him

I have shifted to this house as tenant in 2018 and we stayed here till 4th February 2023. When I shifted during that time I gave advance amount of 50000 and it was metioned in rental agreement that owner will deduct 1 month rent for painting. My house rent was 12500. Since we had good understanding with owner so he did not renewed the rental agreement and he told that rent would be same which we were giving for next years. Every month I gave him house rent on time. During Covid also we gave him full amount even though we were staying at our hometown and no one was staying in this house. Now when I vacated the house, owner is not giving me the advance amount. He is saying in the rental agreement in 2018-2019 it was mentioned that 10% increment was there so for 4 years he calculated the amount and asking me to pay him 68000. He is not agreeing to give my advance back. Last year he increased Rupees 500 for water charge and never told me that he will increase the rent. Kindly help me on this what should I do now. He has taken my original rental agreement also for verification purpose and not returning the rental agreement but I have a scan copy of it.