Landlord is deducting huge money from the security deposit

Hello Sir/Madam, I am staying in a rented house(3BHK) in Chennai for the past 2.5years and my landlord is in UK. I got into this property through one of his relative, who is also a colleague of mine. When I paid the advance they agreed to get the cupboard work done, but they got it done only after 2years and in between they even increased the rent amount and I still paid the full rent. Four months back, one of the bedroom floor tiles got damaged due to air crack. I immediately informed the landlord through Whats App and his relative in local about it. Then the landlord said that it is because of my pet dogs. Then they said it is because of acid wash, wherein I have never done acid wash on the floor. Then I told them it is not true, then they sent one of their relative to inspect and he looked at it and agreed that it is neither because of dogs nor acid wash. Later I've sent them few messages in Whats App asking them to fix the tiles. But there was no response from them for 2 months. Hence I didn not transfer the 2 months rent. Later I thought I should not hold the rent and decided to deduct 2.5k from the actual rent amount of 13k and told them that I will transfer the pending 2 months rent after deducting 2.5k per month, since we were able to use only 2 bedrooms out of the 3. Now he asked me to pay a penalty of 2.5k with the full rent amount failing which I had to vacate the house and he gave me 3 months time to vacate the house. I said I can vacate the house but I can't pay the full rent until they fix the tiles. He also says that I have to fix the tiles which happened due to Air crack, else he will be deducting the full rent amount and expense to fix the tiles from the security deposit. What should I do now? I told him that If I am ready to bear the expensed to the damages caused to the house by me but not for the Air crack. Can some one give me some suggestions on how to deal with this issue and how should I take a legal action? Is there anything wrong in what I told the landlord?