Use of passage outside home in a manner which does not close the access of other members?

The building in question has two flats on one floor with a passage of 30 ft length and 1.5m width. The doors of the flats are situated at two extreme ends of the passage with two lifts on either side. There is one door leading to the staircase at a distance of 18 ft from my door and 12 ft from the neighbours door. I have placed furniture of 0.5m width in the passage intending to use it as a shoe rack and miscellaneous storage. Also for the support of it I have erected a granite of 0.3m width. Thus, leaving the effective clear passage to be used by other members As 1.0m. However, the neighbour is objecting this by saying we are hindering his use of the passage. There is a lift right outside his door. The fire exit is open and not obstructed. In situations and scenarios when he has to use the lift on my end he has a clear passage which is the minimum passage as per the National Building Code and also fits in the passage width as per the calculations of the NBC how should I deal this matter.