Partition by meets and bound between friends

• Joint purchase of 2 acres of agriculture land by contributing equal money by two friends. • Joint sale deed. • Joint 7/12 • land Purchased 10 yrs back. • After 1.5 yrs of purchase, he wanted to buy my share of the same land, but he didn't disclosed purchasres name. • There was no any agreement between us. • Later he felt fear, whether I will return the money or not, and told me to return the money • He deposited part money and told me to register it. • He told me that it's a disputed land and we should sell but he did not disclose that he himself want to buy it and deposited money in my back account. • I told him to deposit entire money and only then registration • I returned it in the same way I recd it. • He then made arguments to register the land. • But I said entire money is returned to him. • Now he is not giving me any account of the income derived from the land since last few yrs. • So 3 month back I sent him a notice to give account of the income derived from the land. • He recd the notice, but no reply so far • Please guide me further actions from my side • Now I want to get separate my share with fore boundaries. • Whether civil suit reqd? • Which suit under which law & which sections • What will be the contentions in the suit • Whether money paid and returned to be mentioned in the suit • What relief to be sought • Whether i need to send a notice for partition by meets & bounds and separate possession before instituting civil suit. • What to claim- Compensation or mense profit • How much court fees will be required to be paid • What will be cause of action to be mentioned in the suit • What will be Title of suit / subject of suit. • What will be the options to get my separate share in the propety. • Which option will be the best option.