Cam charges

I am staying in a luxury condo with 750 apartments run by a RWA for quite a few years now. Need to understand if the CAM (common area maintenance) charges cover: 1. Fixing of leakage inside an apartments wet area (bathroom, toilets) 2. Fixing of plumbing issues water drainage blocks in bathroom or toilets or kitchen. Current problem: Due to leakage in the bathroom of the apartment above mine, there is seepage on my internal walls. This is a recurring problem and develops every quarter or so after correction. Since the seepage damages the walls all painting charges etc are borne individually by myself. The new RWA now says it is not covered under CAM hence they may not obliged to pursue this problem. Earlier, they were fixing internal problems to an extent of covering of all costs like re-painting of walls. Recently, repair costs etc need to borne by the impacted apartment owner. Now they are saying it is inside of a house problem so apartment owner cannot demand action by them. Strangely, the Mygate App still has option of raising complaints under 'private' or 'common area' category. Hence, wanted to understand true inclusions of CAM and what is my best option here. AM I AT THE MERCY OF MY NEIGHBOUR TO FIX LEAKAGE ISSUES IN HIS BATHROOM AS HE IS NOT AT ALL IMPACTED. Thanks Mohit