How to get patta when i do not have parent patta

Hello Sir , I purchased a land in chennai in 2007, this is a CMDA approved layout & patta land. Until recently since patta was not mandatory document for selling of land , I did not apply for Individual patta for my piece of land . Now that I want to sell the land I have reached to Taluk office for applying patta but surveyor is telling patta cannot be provided for the following reasons 1) Survey number for my piece of land is 169/3B , this survey number currently does not exist in revenue records. But I have a Chitta copy issued in year 1998 for this survey number. Current survey number in revenue department 169/3B1B and 169/3B2. 2) I have parent sale deed documents for this piece of land starting from year 1960 but name in the sale deeds is not matching with the chitta document . My neighbour who was also part of the mentioned survey no recieved patta in the year 2015 through Jamabhanthi request. Surveyor told me that it was possible in 2015 but now it is not possible because it is all computerised. I am struglling to get patta for my Patta land. Kindly advice