Interest on previous flat owner dues

I purchased a property in Dahisar (Mumbai) MAHADA in the time of purchasing property i had asked society for any outstanding dues of previous owner, society has give me outstanding amount list which i had paid and had received NO DUES CERTIFICATE from Society in Mar-22. Accordingly had executed Sale Agreement and registered the same with Sub-registrar. Suddenly in the month of April-May 2022 society asking me to pay Interest amount of Rs.32000/- on outstanding amount of previous owner. I raised objection and told society that Society should given at the time wen i had asked for upon that Society told me that Committee had approved to levy interest at its April-22 meeting. Following are my query request to please guide me: 1. Whether i liable to pay previous owner interest 2. Society has right to levy interest from retrospective 3. What are the rights i have to fight with Society 4. Because of outstanding, Society has refused to transfer flat ownership in my favor, however the Society has taken transfer fee of Rs.25000/- from me in May-22