A company filed an FIR against an employee under section 354D, 506 and 509

I was working for a private company since December 21st 2022 where I was discussing about a day outing through Microsoft teams with my reportees on 10th Jan which is inclusive of female employees and during the end of the call i requested all to send me a Hi message in what's up so I can store them since I was new to the organization. Every body agreed and sent me hi message in what up and i complimented a few saying they look good in their profile picture and they responded saying thank you sir. In that group conversation one of the girl was missing hence I dialled her from mobile about the trip and discussed about the stay and rooms. From the group call i contacted one more girl who has asked me call to speak about the trip and during the conversation I had mistakenly used a word which turned out to be of sexual nature it was my miss but girl didn't had any issue and she continued to speak in normal tone only . A few mins later the company blocked my company email ID n other logins and when I contacted them to ask they were rude and said you have to come to office with laptop only than we will say. I told them I am not in the city hence I'll come the next day but they didn't agree and filed a police complaint against me saying i commented on female employees saying their DP looks good, and to the second girl i called n asked her to come to hotel and rooms (they have got an email also drafted from that female employee) and to the last employee i misbehaved(to this girl the next day morning my wife called the girl to ask what happened than she said no i am not involved in this it's the company and HR ) police filed an FIR against me under Section 354D, 506 and 509 and charge sheet also filed. Company wanted to compromise so they have asked me to send an apology email to the HR team which i did and they responded aswell saying accepting the apology and will continue to seek police guidance for legal closure but it's been two weeks they are not coming or calling the police about the compromise and just saying they will talk to the IO. Police complaint was filed with in 2 hours of the incident. There was no ICC formed as per sexual harrasment act 2013, terminated me immediately with out intimation or listening to me or warning me. Microsoft teams do not have inbuilt facility to record calls but they have got the call transcript of the last girl from somewhere. How do I get out of this issue.