Can a govt. Servant claim equal share from the properties, being earned fro earned in joint family,

Dear sir, We r 3+3 to our father.He had only 4 acres of irrigated land. He has purchased 7.23 acres of land, which he brought it under irrigation, with a borewell. I got a govt. Job and managed the home affairs for 5 years and my second brother was assigned with the property affaires. Meanwhile my younger brother also got govt. Job. We, including our father, myself, and the younger brother altogether gave ou consent to my second brother for bank loans for the development purpose. So he was able to manage for the land developments, and we being salaried persons, managed the family affaires,which he neglected. Thus he accumulated money and has purchased 5 acres of land in his own name and yet an acre in his wife's name. And on other hand, I, the eldest, with bank assistance have purchased a built house. And the younger one has purchased 3 sites. Now, we have to get the property divided among us.Our all 3 daughters have been married @ joint expenses. Our second brother, being a law person, is denying equal share in the properties. So, how shall the issue be settled under the law, please explain us.