Property sold on Power of attorney

My husband and I had a property on our name for which I was paying the emi (As the loan was entirely on my name). Then my husband and my in-laws decided to sell the property within 2 years of purchase and as we were abroad, we had to give power of attorney to my in'laws (I had no option to say no as my husband threatened to divorce me incase i do not give the power of attorney). In order to save my marriage, I signed on the power of attorney. The property was bought for 60 lacs (I took a loan of 52 lac and my in-laws gave the remaining 8 lac) When the property was sold on power of attorney, I was never informed the exact amount for which the property was sold. I came to know from the property dealer much later that the property was sold for more than a crore and registration was done for 85 lacs. After my in-laws sold the property, they paid the remaining loan of 45 lacs and 40 lacs were credited to my account but my husband forcefully asked me to transfer 40 lacs to my in-laws account and they booked one property on their name and invested in another property in my husband's name. I was not given a penny even though I had paid all the emi's. If i questioned my husband, he would tell me to keep quiet otherwise he would divorce me and take away the custody of our child. Now I have received an income tax notice stating that I have not paid the income tax as the property was sold within 2 years of purchase and this is considered as short term capital gain. I have made multiple visits to income tax department and they are asking me to pay the tax on short term capital gain with penalty (total amounting to around 11 lac). My husband is not bothered that his PAN card may also have the similar notice (He has not received a notice yet because he has changed his address and letters might be going to the previous address). I have to deal with the income tax issue all by myself as all the transactions, loan , emi's etc were paid from my bank account. I have not got a single penny from the short term capital gain (I have all the proofs that after selling the property my inlaws and my husband booked another property in their name). Can I do something? I also have proof that they sold the property for more than a crore (My in-laws hand written proof and also voice recording). I have consulted a few friends but as per them I cannot do anything as I had given the power of attorney to them.