Neighbour Verbal Abuse

Living in a gated community. Was having peaceful evening walk with my wife when this neighbour stopped us and asked my wife to leave as he wanted to have some man to man discussions with me(he was drunk). I refused him an audience stating now is my family time and you are drunk and may be tomorrow morning we shall have. Inspire of my repeated request this man started using abusive words and when I tried to leave place he holded me by shirt collar. To free myself I had to push him owing to which he fell down... Some other neighbours rushed to spot I said to them I did not wanted to speak to him and he is creating an unwanted situation.again after that he started very abusive words addressing to my mother and family. I had to push him away and fight him then other neighbour s intervened and made both of us leave place. Some 20mins later his wife called and apologised for his husband behaviour. Next day morning I sent an email to EC of society narrating entire incident to which they have responded that they have already registered police complaint against me last night but asked police not to take action. What should I do now. Pls advice.