How can I get my money back with the online fraud case

I am registered on the Matrimonial site. A guy contacted me with the name Rishi Patel. I don't even even know if his name is correct or not. He told everything to me to gain my trust, seems he has already done marketing research on my profile and I liked him to take it further with my parents. He also let me talk to her mother about taking this further. He then told me he would like to proceed with sending some gifts although I didn't agree, he still told he had dispatched some gifts as a part of a ceremony to proceed further from the USA to India. He sent me this website details to track my order details Although I later come to know this is a fake website. From an Indian number, a girl contacted me. She told me in order to receive the parcel I need to pay Rs 42,500 for customs clearance, they all pressurized me in a way that I need to pay them. I believed in him so much, for not a single minute I suspected that he could cheat me. He had gained my confidence and on his insistence, I ended up making the payments. Everything looked so real. Once I paid both the number is currently offline. The guy blocked me from what's app when I told him to pay my money back. His number is still active on what's app as I can see from other numbers. I have all the proofs, chat history, credited bank information, email received from couriers services. I filed a police complaint but I am not sure if they will ever find that guy or not and put him in jail. I am not sure if I will ever get my money back.