I am a 69 years old practicing Chartered Accountant, my wife (M.Sc,B.Ed) is a 66 years old retired high school teacher and our only son (MD-Medicine) who is 36 years old is working as Medicine consultant in a reputed corporate hospital in Kolkata On 08.12.2022 my son got married with a 28 years old girl from a modest family having qualification of M.Sc (Zoology) from Kolkata University and presently doing her B.Ed degree. This was an arranged marriage. Her father is a retired State Government employee, mother is a house wife and her only brother is doing Phd. She went for honeymoon with my son from 16.12.2022 to 23.12. 2022. After returning from honeymoon she stayed with us up to 7.1.2023 and went to her father’s house on 8.1.2023 and returned on 15.1.2023 after much persuasion . On 20.01.2023 she went to her B.Ed college and did not return up to 7.30 pm. My wife called her several times in the evening but those went unanswered since her mobile phone was switched off. After returning home when my wife & son expressed their anxiety, she started shouting and made a chaos calling her parents over phone. Next morning (21.01.2023), her father came and took her to their house on that day. She is still living at her father’ s house and not making any communication with us. Now we realize that they have cheated us by claiming false capacity of her. Actually she is not mentally balanced.Her abnormal behavior was first noticed by my son during honeymoon. We also found the same gradually. She confessed that she was taken to a psychiatrist one year back by her parents for disobedience to them and she took the drugs (Escitalopram & Risperidone )prescribed by the doctor for 2 months but was not ready to divulge further and insisted that we should discuss with her mother about this. My son, who is a doctor, commented the drugs are used to treat mental disorder like Schizophrenia. When we talked to her mother and asked for the prescription she tried not to give any importance to it and claimed the prescription is not available since they have not kept it. She reports every minute details of her dealing with us to her mother and sometimes makes her mother listen to our discussion by keeping the mobile phone on. When we carefully try to teach her anything her mother describes that as taking examination of her daughter. Though we understand she is suffering from mental disorder and we never call her mad, but according to her mother we always call her mad and thus we are mentally torturing her daughter. Her parents are frequently visiting our house due to the reason that their daughter is feeling unsafe here. Under this situation, we think that they can bring false charge of mental torture and even fabricate the charge of physical torture. Hence we want preventive measures. If She tries to return /enter our house without informing earlier along with her parents, what course of action should be taken by us. What steps we should take now.