Property i bought from the land owner but now claiming neighbour

I bought a property from a land owner . we have all the registry papers . currently we are living over there now our neighbor is filed a petition in which he is saying that the land owner has made an agreement with him that he will sale this property to him in future and he paid 25000 rs to the land owner in past for this property. and he given this statement in the newspaper also that " we bought this property and we have made the payment of 25000 rs and in future if any one buy this property he will be responsible for any dispute" . but the land owner is still continuously refusing that he didn't made or signed any agreement . but our neighbor (petitioner) has a signed agreement. but Landlord is continuously saying in the court that this agreement is not signed by him because the date which is printed in the agreement. on this date i was out of the town. so we are now mediator( who have all the registry papers) . the dispute is currently running with previous land owner and our neighbor. what do you think what will registry be cancelled...?