House owner problem

Sir / madam, i was lease in one house, lease amount 3lakhs, agreement one year started from 03/09/2022, but now miscommunication happen me and house owner, first he 500 mintenance charge, 10000 will deducted in 3lakhs after one year lease finish time. but maintenance charges increased 1000 after 2months, but now miscommunication happen today 26 janiary i was properly informed next two months march 26 march will vacket told to house owner, but the house owner told me april 2023 only i will pay the lease amount 250000 also that same day you will vacket the house told me. balance 50000 but forst they said 10000 minus i accepted but that one year deductuon but now happen 9months only living the told ilbalance amount i will maintainence the work then i submit you bill after deduction 50000 thousand balance which amount i will pay you but not tell which date give the deductioned balance amount. now i what will do kindly explain me i have all proofs copies agreeemnt,. tneb paid lastmonth bill copy, maintenance apod receipts. what will do now but i ask only i need atleast 290000/- lakhs ten thousand will deduct no issue for me, 290000 lakhs settle then only i will vacket april 2023 month also key given i told house owner but ths lawyer his wife, so can not accept in my request, house owner told me how to handle me know told me, how to possible to solve this issue kindly explain me sir,