Notice period buyout and spot resignation.

Your employment with the Company shall be terminable, without reasons, by either party giving three-months notice .The Company reserves the right to pay or recover salary in lieu of notice period. Further, the Company may at its discretion relieve you from such date as it may deem fit even prior to the expiry of the notice period. However, if the Company desires you to continue the employment during the notice period you shall do so. Notice period and termination of employment contract shall be governed by the applicable internal policies of the Company as updated from time to time. On acceptance of separation notice, you will immediately hand over to the Company before you are relieved, all correspondence, specifications, formulae, books, documents, cost data, market data, literature, drawings, effects and comply with all the relieving formalities required by the Company. Further, you shall not make or retain any copies of these items. Above is my notice period and termination clause. If I pay the notice period buyout ammount will the co. Give me bad remark on relieving letter? Can I co. Deny to give me relieving letter and force me serve 90 day notice?