Company assets not fully returned. Can my full and final settlement be legally withheld?

Asked to resign and due to mismanagement, was not given appropriate information for asset handover on the day of resignation. I sent a mail for the same however, I received a response (that the assets have not been returned) and a call where they basically threatened me with legal action. I said I've responded to all the mails and request some help with this. After this, I arranged to return the assets personally the next week, while inventory checking with IT, a mouse was missing. I was not aware that I had a mouse as most assets were unused save for the laptop and desktop. I checked online, it's literally worth like 200rs. Can they withhold processing my F&F? At the time of onboarding, I was literally handed over all these extra peripherals and did not know that it was unnecessary. Had I known, I wouldn't have picked up anything apart from a desktop. I won't receive it this month as it's already the end of the day and no communication from HR. Please let me know what my next steps can be. I'd like to avoid a full blown legal battle no matter the petty behaviour involved.