Building forcing to hand over the maintenance

We are residents of an apartment in Zirakpur Punjab. The completion of teh project is yet not over and out of ten towers two are still under construction and possesions have also not been offered. the builder of the society is forcing to form an RWA and take the ownership of upkeep and maintenance of common areas and facilities. we don't want to form an association as we fear that builder will run away without completing everything. also we belive the builder only has the partial occupation certificate that too only for few towers and not all towers. we want to know 1. the appropriate and applicable act of Punjab according to which the handover to RWA can be done 2. we believe the builder can't force us without obtaining completion certificate and occupation certificate of all towers and project. is this understanding correct. if yes again can you specify the act law pertaining to the same 3. if at all we form a RWA and take handover , if builder liable to pay maintenance for using common facilities because the builder will be entering the premises and doing construction of pending can we document that....will there be any handover agreement that will take place? any standard language for such an agreement?