Transfer of title/ownership/interest of property

Sir, Looking for expert advice on below Brief I have a property in the name of father & mother, the % of share in property is not mentioned in the agreement. Mother is expired & the society has transferred the share certificate in the name of my father (earlier both name of present in the share certificate). I have 1 brother and 2 sisters along with me, i.e. we are 2 brothers & 2 sisters. We are all married and staying separately. Of course, I am staying with my father. Now, my father along with brother and sisters would like to transfer title/interest in said property to my name and ready to do legal formalities. I have heard about some cost such as stamp duty, registration apart from legal fees are attached towards transfer of title/interest of property. In this relation, I have below queries. I know there are 3 ways to serve above 1. Will 2. Release Deed 3. Gift Deed 4. Suggest any other option Query What are the best ways to transfer title/interest/ownership of property in my name in view of below 1. Secured (i.e. cannot be challenged in future) 2. From low cost perspective 3. Suggest proms & cons