RC details uncorrected for more than 1 year

I have purchased Royal Enfield Classic 350 bike, Invoice dated [deleted] & registration date [deleted]. The chasis & engine no. are wrongly mentioned in the RC respectively. I have informed the same to showroom executives immediately I noticed the mistake on RC from Digilocker after one month of registration. With continuous and many follow-ups physically many times at the showroom & on phone as well nothing has been done. I was misled that RC has been corrected and soon will get the printed copy. I informed to RE regional head also. I believe that this response is unfair & feel cheated as the Royal Enfield executives showed an utter negligence to respond in time & bring this to an unresolvable stage where neither I can use my bike, nor I can do anything if I encounter any mishappening like theft, accident or any other unforeseen incident to justify insurer or Police. Also I find difficulty to renew the own damage insurance and due to false claim of their executives on RC rectification I ended up with wrong details again on insurance. I have put reviews on Royal enfield customer support, facebook, twitter also. They told now RC correction is not possible and responded with solution of replacing old chasis and engine cover with new one and rectifying the RC. But I am not sure of the legal sanctity of the process, quality and performance testing of the vehicle after replacement of new chasis and engine cover. Moreover, why I should suffer with disassembling my bike fully and reassembling it. In future quality issues may come. Questions for the same: 1) what to do as this solution is provided by showroom and there is no assurance from company for the same via mail or any other mode of conversation, yet the company is acknowledging the issue. 2)On what grounds I can disagree with the solution mentioned because I don't want to get my new bike disassembled & reassembled because of their mistake in RC and not because of any mishappening to my bike? 3) Can I ask my money back with compensation of one year mental harassment? if yes on what grounds 4) can I ask altogether a new bike in place of any alteration in the existing bike by returning it? 5) What will be the future implications of their mentioned solution with respect to legal alternatives? 6) what supporting documents I can ask from the company, so that anybody shall not take undue advantage of it in case of resale? 7) How can RTO responsibility can be brought in the loop? Is it required that the solution provided by the showroom should be endorsed by RTO? 8) any other important point that i should keep in mind regarding the same which you can advise. Kindly help me i this matter.