REctification of sale deed

I purchased a revenue land in 2006 in electronic city bangalore from a person x and he had purchased the same from person y who is the layout owner and phaani(RTC) is on person y name.. y has selled the plot to x in guntas measurement as 1.1 gunta in sale deed and x has done akarband on his name and x sold the land to me in squarefeets measurement by mentioning wrong site number as 1. but as per the layout plan which is not approved by any authority the site no is 89.. i contacted x person and said him to rectify the site number by means of rectification deed but he is denying to come to subregistrar office and i left him and contacted y and he is ready to do rectification deed for some amount.. hence 1) my question is can y person do the rectification who is layout owner and RTC also on his name 2)can x sell the land again as ec in guntas is on x name as it is a revenue packet 3) ec of site no.1 in particular survey no is on my name 4)but posession of site no 89 is on my name and i m paying tax to panchayat since 2011 5)can x create any problem if i leave it like that only please help me as am worried because its the only asset i own in my life..