Experince certificate content

IS THERE ANY LABOUR RULES MENTIONING THE MANDATORY DETAILS IN AN EXPERIENCE CERTIFICATE. here one company is giving an experience certificate only with the job post/role (designation name: ed. process technician , instrument technician , ASSt Manager, etc.) and the joining date and resignation date. no other details mentioning that in which department he worked, which are the equipments he handled, which type of operations etc. actualy there is a model we have seen There is no specific experience letter format. However, a good experience certificate must contain the following details: Date of issue of letter. A specific recipient. Experience certificate can also be provided to “Whomsoever it may concern”. Employee Name. Role/Designation/Title. Date of Joining and Date of Resignation. Work details with basic functionality of that role. Any other relevant employment details. Wishing the candidate success for future endeavors. Signature and seal of the company.