False cases and forced entry of wife in to my house after four years

Hello experts, I have been framed in different false cases which included DVC, 498A, Maintenance, RCR. Myself paying maintenance since 2019 for Rs. 10,000 for spouse and child daughter. She is staying since 2019 at her parents house and filed all the cases at Telangana. Now after several years during my absence she came Mumbai and broke open my house during my absence. Now she along with her family are staying right in the house and i have to forcefully leave the house. I filed marriage petition in Kalyan which is still pending. In DVC case she filed HMA but the order came that we cannot stay at one roof as disputes may further arise as she is having another house at Hyderabad she is stay there. But they are forcefully staying as police said unless a clear court order we cannot take any action on them. Now this house is on EMI and i regularly pay the same, i cannot afford to pay both EMI and new rent house which i had to take so i had stopped the EMI's for the same. Can anyone suggest me how to approach this case as they may file again the case for payment of EMI's through court. What actions should i take on this. They are threatening me that you have no option other than to stay with us which i cannot do due to their cruel mentality.