Deficiency of Services by Builder - Amardeep Society

Have taken a residential bungalow few yrs back in Ahmedabad. The unit is on the outskirts of the city limits and hence many civic supports such as drainage, electricity and other common aspects. The builder had committed in the brochure a very different rosy picture and now even the security is inadequate leading to break-ins in closed investor units. Plus a common aspect seen is break-ins of houses also. It has come to light that the builder has not taken appropriate approvals in terms of land records and the case is already in SC on certain legal issues with the a landowner from whom the entire site was purchased. Its been more than 5-6 yrs that the issues were there, but all aspects were hidden from the members of the society. Plus he had somehow got certain banks to give loans to the members but now it has come to light even there are issues with the process as the entire deal is shady. Neither are we getting adequate support from civic authorities to give basic necessities such as street-lighting, garbage disposals, etc. We are currently contributing and sorting the issues out as they keep cropping up. I have been staying for around 3 yrs and since the older members were doing certain liaising with the builder, certain small things were changing but not at the speeds expected. And now treat of life of members seems eminent in the near future due to increased break-ins. Due to case being sub-judice, sale of property is also not possible. Neither am i able to enjoy the life here nor am able to sell and move out. Need to understand how to take the same for expediting the way the builder is responding to his own commitments to more than 200 residential unit owners.