Land/tenant dispute

I rented back portion of my bothers house (brother is US citizen and I have power of attorney) in May 2019 on 11 month lease which was renewed in 2020. In Feb. 2021 I went to U.S. to visit my daughter for a month but had to extend my visit due to pandemic. I returned to India in May, 2022. When I visited my brother’s house, I found that tenant had managed to enter front portion of the house and put different kinds of construction materials, tiles and implements used in the business. I must mention here that he rented the House for residential purposes and started using it for business purpose without my consent/knowledge He filed a civil suit in the court on 30th May , 2022 against eviction of the property. I hired a Lawyer for a fee of Rs. 60,000.00 plus Rs. 2,000.00 for each appearance. In addition I have to pay court fee and his Junior’s fee. Now has to file eviction papers and demands another Rs.60,000.00 to file eviction case plus court fee. Is the Lawyer justified to demand 2nd fee? Am I not being overcharged for the job. I am a senior citizen aged 82 years and my brother, owner of the house, is also a senior citizen living in U.S. This is first time in my life that I have to go to court.