NOC to clear my total outstanding

I hv availed construction loan for my house, the bank realised payments in parts as per my building construction stages, my total sanction amount was 75lacs but availed only 45lacs Due to my business (outdoor adv) shut down by govt. Authorities abruptly. The govt. Banned all outdoor advertising hoardings business and left more than 4000 families to suffer. Leaving no option to sell one floor of my building to settle my loan account. The buyer availed sanction of 95lacs from his bank to buy my floor and asked an NOC from my bank to directly clear my outstanding. My bank mngr is refusing to give noc saying that i hv availed construction loan and not project loan, usally construction loan is given on 7-9% and project loan is given on 13-15% so he has a right to refuse me an noc. He is asking me to pay my outstanding from my pocket and get your plot papers relese and do what ever i want. I want to know is this a law not to give noc to other than a project loan. Pl help me to know what to do if the mngr is non cooperarative.