My husband and inlaws cheating me

I got married in June 2021. My husband family demanded me to resign my job in the 3rd month of my marriage. Before marriage they accepted to allow me to work as my mom is a widow and we were 4 children. My husband has 4 sisters, 3 elder and one younger my husband is 4th child. In the 7th month the last sister in law who was staying in my in laws house for her second pregnancy started fighting with me to leave job before that my mother in law also use to raise voice to resign my job but at that time my husband supported later he also joined them. And finally i consumed harpic was admitted and returned home. Then in Feb i quite my job coz husband falsely claimed that i had a relationship with my boss who is 58 years of age. So they said if u don't resign that means u are in relationship with him so i quite. but then the mental torture started by my husband and all inlaws by not allowing me to talk to my mom sisters and brother not only family any incoming call. If at all i receive i should put in speaker and speak. All this happened one fine day i was tortured like anything so i wrote a letter and came out of home by then i was pregnant 1 month. Till 7th month no one came or called me. Later my husband came and called me i went for 2 days and came back since he got a job in abroad. I paid him q lakh for commission to agent then he flew to Norway promising to pay me some amount monthly for my life servival but before he could fly once entered airport stated to abuse me by words and finally i got only my 1 lakh and not for survival he is paying to his parents and sisters. 1.Which case should I put in him 2. How to make him return from Norway 3. My in-laws are saying we will not allow u to live with him. Second marriage will be arranged. Please suggest