Husband abandoned me and settled abroad without any contact

Hi, I am from Pune, Maharashtra MBA was working with IT industry in HR field & my husband is from Ahmedabad Gujarat, project manager in Aircraft manufacturing company, We met in Bangalore & had court marriage (love marriage)in Bangalore Karnataka in feb 2020 with presence of both parents. We both have this 2nd marriage. My in laws were unhappy with this marriage as i am not Gujarati. Due to lockdown we shifted from Bangalore to Ahmedabad at in law's home in Aug'22, From last 2 years i suffered atot with mental torture and harrshment by in laws as, i was not allow to talk marathi at home on phone call with my parents and relatives, not allow to go out of house in society or if in case some relatives or neighbours cone they use to lock me in room, coz i am not gujrati, though i was talking gujrati still were saying i am not talking fluent gujrati. I was not allow to job from last 4 years, They completely supressed our marriage in fact my husband's 2nd marriage from society, if someone coincidence meets then they were introced me as someone from Mumbai gujrati relatives. inlwas started pressurized him that, we dont do not marry marathi girl and all emotional blackmail to him us, small husband wife issue they use to create big and at the end by saying get divorce, leave our son we were never agreed for this marriage and so on. In july'22 my husband said lets stay in rented house nearby, and suddenly within 20 days he left to USA by saying going to drop our niece to USA & coming back in 10 days, accordingly he did my return flight tickets for pune. Since that day, he is unreachable in contactable. I called in laws, relatives wch i was aware only 2, no one respond. Came to in local newspaper in laws gave notice that they emoved us from property and end up relationship with me and my husband, also same in police station as a complaint against us. I did my husband missing complaint but no use. From his last company HR i cane to know that he already resigned in may'22, he is in Germany meeting our clients.So i came to know that he is in Germany as he have PR of Germany, before 4 years he was in Germany from last 10 years. Through lawyer i sent a Restitution Notice for conjugal right, no reply. I use to sent him mail since he left, but no single reply. I can see somehow its divorce case but i wann justice of he did cheating with me. He simply left me alone in rented home by making rent agreement on both of us name, knowingly that i am unemployed, simply left marrital responsibility. they cheated me, mentally torture, harassment, supressed my identity as a daughter in law and wife from society relatives friends. Please help & suggest how legally i can punished him and his family, without applying for divorce. I wish i could had a any legal authority to cancel his PR visa and block passport for such irresponsible behaviour. Thank you.