Can a Mother Legally serve a notice to her son to vacate the Home

This is on behalf of a lady aged about 85 years. She is having 3 Sons and 2 daughters, both daughters are married long back and well settled. Her elder son has expired around 7 years back and his family lives separately well settled. Lady lives in a rented house under her name since last 40 years with her 2 sons and family. The younger son is not in talking terms with the lady since last 15 years and having a separate kitchen in the same house. The lady lives with her 2nd Son and Family since very beginning and they take entire care of her from fooding to medicines. Now, Since last few months, the younger son and his wife are creating daily issues with the Lady and uses very cheap abusive languages for the lady and the 2nd son and family. Now, out her age, lady seeks advice whether she can ask her younger son to vacate the house and leave with his wife since the rented house is in the name of the lady, and both the younger son and his wife are behaving very cheap with her and always ready to create a fight out of nothing. The younger son is married since 20 years and does not have any children from the marriage.The 2nd Son is married since 30 years and has 2 sons out of which 1 is married last year. The lady is also afraid that the younger son might perform some fraudulent activities in order to control over the house. On asking verbally by the lady to the younger son to vacate the house, he is not willing to leave at any cost. Is her younger son legally eligible to demand a lump sum amount to vacate the house and is the lady liable to pay such amount. Please advise how can this matter be sorted out with the help of law. Lady is yet to write her Will.