No responsibilities

Hi I’m working women and married for 11 months now. My in laws are always insult me indirect everyone in family shouts and insult my parents. my husband says I don’t wish to see your mother’s face and ur whole extended family is very bad. Due to these fights i had miscarriage also for which they blame me that I aborted and no body from in law came to inquire about me. Now my sister in law is also threatening me that I’ll not let your relationship go on. After all these we gave one more chance and started with one trip. On the second day of trip we had accident and husband was not hurt at all and I’m having major injuries including my lower jaw fractured and all teeth broken. And after all this I’m at my parental house no body is coming to inquire saying your family insulted us in hospital. And now they are not Even giving any money for treatment whole in law family said use your own money or parents money we are Not going to give a single penny to you. And they are not even taking care of me nor they are keeping me in their home saying we cant do anything to take care of you. Is there anything I can do to such people They are just saying once she will be ohkay we will take her home.