Accused of 313, 498A, 406, 506, 120b in US how to get him back

Hello, I am a victim of domestic violence, dowry harassment. My in laws and husband killed my child in womb. I have a filed a FIR against my father in law, mother in law, husband and brother in law U?S 313, 324, 498A, 120b, 406 and 506. My husband and father in law had initially accepted in written to all the heinous crimes they have committed against me in a notarized affidavit and in a written statement to the women cell. I was previously residing in USA and my brother in law did an online shopping from my USA bank debit card worth USD 2000 for this then live-in partner. I have proofs for the same in form of shopping receipts wherein the payments were done through my debit card and delivered on his address in Boston, US. He has also sent me email with confirming the receipt of few of the articles. All my legal documents and jewellery are in their custody and I have recent photographs wherein my brother in laws' wife is seen wearing my jewellery. My brother in law fled to the US within a couple of days of filing of FIR. He is working there on H1B visa. The local police and judiciary have been sold out to my in laws who have paid them hefty amount of money. They are threatening me with dire consequences if I dont take the cases back. Is there a possibility that I can legally contact the US Police and the US department of Immigration with all the information and evidences so that he can be deported to India and I can get justice for my family and my lost child. Thanks for all your help and support in advance.